2021 Top Baking Trends

2021 Top Baking Trends

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2020 has led us into a new era of baking with smart snacking, functional flavours and finessing food waste leading the charge for the year ahead. Read on to see more of what 2021 has in store for the world of baking.

1. Bougie Breads

Now that yeasted bakes have become more friend, than foe, bakers are throwing away their long standing notions that bread is to be thrown in the “too hard” basket and warming up their minds (and ovens) to the world that bread making has to offer. Armed with sharpened baking skills, we’ll be seeing a lot more buttery brioche, dainty Danishes and all things layered, braided and sweet – watch this space!

2. Snack Smart

While some of us used our downtime to focus on our fitness, some of us added a few extra notches to the belt with comforting bakes – not that we are complaining! Heightened health awareness has many of us seeking out snacks that still give us the sweet treat we’re looking for, but with added nutritional bang for your buck. While we’ve already seen the rise of plant-based alternatives in 2020, 2021 will have us seeking out “fuller for longer” foods and better for you bites.

3. Around the World

Prior years predictions have seen a trend towards baking and desserts that are grounded in rich culture and tradition, with Middle Eastern, Japanese and Chinese inspired flavours leading the pack. With limited international travel on the cards this year, we’ll be taking a trip to all our favourite destinations without even leaving the kitchen. Expect to see a strong continuation of this trend in 2021 as we travel across the globe, exploring all the unique and wonderful flavours this world have to offer. Keep an eye out for more miso & matcha the world gathers to watch the Olympics. From New York to Tokyo, the world is your oyster!

4. Breezy Bakes

When we gave the nod to low prep, low mess recipes in last years predictions, who would have known how relevant this trend would become in 2020. One bowl wonders and pantry staple recipes reigned supreme this year as we navigated a completely new territory. 2021 will see this trend continue with consumers constantly on the lookout for minimal ingredient bakes, doing more with less, all while becoming more resourceful with the ingredients in their pantry.

5. Va va Vanilla

Well now… This is a trend Queen can hop on board with! We promise we aren’t playing favourites with this one, but we couldn’t be happier to see vanilla on the rise for 2021. While people picked up a bottle or two to explore their baking prowess this year, we’re seeing an increase in Vanilla use alongside the growing curiosity for healthy, allergy free or plant-based baking to help mask any odd of unusual flavours that may occur naturally with some “healthier” ingredients.

6. Oil Change

A baking trend grown solely from the Instagram fame of Little House Confections charitable Olive Oil Cakes, this viral frenzy has given olive oil a push back into the limelight. Not only does olive oil bring its unique fruity flavour profile to your delicious bakes, but streamlines recipes (no softening or creaming required!) and creates a fluffy, tender cake to boot.

7. Functional Flavours

Following on from last year’s foray into fermentation and wellbeing, 2020 has pushed this trend to the limits with consumers seeking out immune powerhouses such as citrus, ginger and turmeric as a way to boost their bakes.

8. Waste not, want not

Alongside the trend toward #ugly fruit & veg, consumers are growing increasingly aware of food waste and its moral and financial implications. Many of us are guilty of food waste, often purchasing too much, letting food go off before it can be consumed or simply not knowing that some leftovers can be given a second life. 2021 that what most perceive as useless scraps, can be transformed into beautiful bakes. Save your sad, overripe fruit, used coffee grounds and leftover banana peels and bake

Honourable mention: Nostalgia

2020 had us longing for the good old days. Nostalgia for time spent with loved ones, nostalgia for the changing way of life, and nostalgia for those delicious bakes that bring us back to time where everything was just a little bit easier. While we have included this trend in 2018 & 2019, we feel it’s well and truly moved into the mainstream. Nostalgic mashups add a modern spin to those family favourite and Aussie icons, such as Iced Vovos, Jaffa and Freckles as well as comforting classics such as tea cakes and scones, just like mum used to make!

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