How to make Hara Bhara Kabab

How to make Hara Bhara Kabab

Hara bhara kabab recipe with step by step photos and video. Hara bhara kabab are pan-fried spiced patties made with a mix of spinach, green peas and potatoes. The recipe is easy to make and healthy as well – since it has the best of both spinach and green peas. True to its name Hara bhara kabab boosts of green health. made from spinach, peas and potatoes it is nutritious as well as delicious and tastes great with any chutney or sauce.

How to bake hara bhara kabab ?

1. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees celsius. use both the top and bottom heating rods of the oven while preheating as well as baking. 

2. Brush some oil on top of each kabab. 

3. Place kababs in a tray which has been sprayed or greased with some oil. 

4. Place the kebabs on a tray or wired rack in the center of the oven. 

5. Bake hara bhara kabab at 180 degrees celsius for 20 to 25 minutes or till the kabab get browned from the top. You can even change the sides after 10 to 15 minutes of baking. Better to bake both the sides of hara bhara kebab.




 For Blanching Spinach

▢ 2 cups fresh spinach leaves or 100 grams 

▢ 1.5 to 2 cups water for blanching 

▢ 1 to 1.5 cups cold water 

For Cooking Potatoes And Green Peas 

▢ 2 medium large potatoes or 200 to 215 grams 

▢ ½ cup green peas or 150 grams , fresh or frozen 

▢ 2 cups water for pressure cooking 

Other Ingredients 

▢ 4 tablespoons besan (gram flour) or add as required 

▢ 1 green chilli 

▢ 1 to 1.5 inches ginger - roughly chopped, adjust as per your spice requirements 

▢ 1 teaspoon chaat masala powder 

▢ 1 teaspoon amchur powder (dry mango powder) 

▢ ¼ teaspoon Garam Masala Powder 

▢ salt as required 

▢ 8 cashew halves - optional 

▢ 2 to 3 tablespoons oil for pan frying the kabab, add as required





 Rinse well and take 2 medium-large potatoes (200 to 215 grams) in a 2 litre pressure cooker. Add 2 cups water. I have cooked both potatoes and green peas in a pressure cooker. You can even steam them in a pan or electric cooker or cook them in a pot.

Place a steel bowl containing ½ cup green peas (fresh or frozen) on top of the potatoes. Do not add any water in the bowl containing green peas.

Cover the pressure cooker. Pressure cook on medium flame for 10 minutes or 6 to 7 whistles.

When the pressure settles down then open the lid. The potatoes would have cooked and the green peas will be steamed.

Remove the bowl with the help of tongs and place the peas in the strainer – so that all the water is drained.

Remove the potatoes with a spoon in a bowl or plate. Let them become warm. Then peel them. Cover and keep aside.

Blanching spinach for hara bhara kabab

Rinse 2 cups spinach leaves (100 grams spinach) in water very well. Place them in a colander so that the extra water gets drained. You can use only the leaves and not stems if you prefer. Stems add some crunch in the kabab. Since stems give a nice crunch thus I add them. If you prefer the crunch, you can use the stems. But use only tender stems.

Boil 1.5 to 2 cups water with some salt (optional).

When the water comes to a rolling boil, then switch off the flame. Add the spinach leaves and immerse them in the hot water for 2 minutes. This step is blanching the spinach leaves.

After 2 minutes remove the leaves with the help of pasta tongs and place them in a bowl of cold water for 1 minute. This is done so that the spinach retains their greenness.

After 1 minute, remove the spinach leaves in a colander. Drain the water very well. Squeeze lightly if there is extra water.

Place the spinach on a chopping board. Do squeeze spinach lightly and then place on chopping board.

Then chop the spinach finely and keep aside. Instead of finely chopping, spinach can also be pureed – but then you will need to add some more roasted besan which is the binding ingredient used in this recipe.

Other preparations for hara bhara kabab

Take 1 green chilli and 1 to 1.5 inches ginger (peeled and chopped) in a mortar-pestle.

 Crush to a paste. Paste can be semi-fine or fine.

Take 4 tablespoons gram flour (besan) in a pan or kadai.

Keep flame to a low and roast besan stirring often.

Roast till you get a nutty fragrance and the besan changes its color.

Keep roasted besan aside.



Making hara bhara kabab mixture

in a mixing bowl add the finely chopped spinach and steamed green peas.

Grate the boiled potatoes over it.

Add the roasted besan.

Then add the ginger-chilli paste and the spice powders. Also add salt as per taste.

First lightly mix.

Then with a potato masher, mash the hara bhara kabab mixture.

Mix again and bring the entire mixture together.

Take a small or medium or large sized portion of the kabab mixture and shape into a small or medium or large sized patties. Your hands will be sticky if there was moisture in the spinach. In this case, apply some oil to your palms when shaping the hara bhara kabab.

Place a halved cashew in the centre of each hara bhara kabab and lightly press it. So that it sticks on the kabab. This step is optional and can be skipped.



Making hara bhara kabab

Heat 1 to 2 tablespoons oil in tawa or pan. Spread the oil all over the tawa with a spoon. When the oil becomes medium-hot, place the kabab. if you are using a large tawa or griddle then you can fry all the kababs in 2 to 3 tablespoons oil. I fried in two batches. So fried the first batch in 2 tablespoons oil and then fried the second batch in 1 tablespoon oil.

When one side is golden, turn over gently each hara bhara kabab.

When the second side is golden, then flip again gently.

Turn over and fry once or twice for an even crispness and uniform golden color.

 Place them on kitchen paper towels. The recipe yields 8 large hara bhara kabab and 10 medium sized hara bhara kabab. This recipe can be halved or doubled or tripled as well.

serve hara bhara kabab hot with mint chutney or coriander chutney or tomato ketchup or sweet tamarind chutney.

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