Our Natural Pot Set Yoghurt is our most loved product by families across Australia. Its versatility extends to making tasty dips to being incorporated into your family dinner for some extra variety. It's always good to have a tub of this yoghurt in your fridge ready to put onto your dinner table.

  • Suitable for Vegetarians and 100% Halal
  • Traditional family recipe
  • Nothing artificial
  • Non homogenised – delicious creamy layer
  • No Gluten or Gelatine
  • No added sugar
  • aB Probiotic Benefits - Lowers cholesterol - excellent source of protein/calcium - boosts immunity - aids healing after intestinal infections - can decrease yeast infections - yoghurt improves bioactivity of other nutrients
  • Excellent source of protein & calcium

Minimum Order - 1 Box (8pcs)

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