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The star spice! Star Anise is an alluring spice with its perfect star shaped form and deep reddish brown hue. It is actually the fruit of a small tree and the seeds are contained within the boat shaped points of the star. It is also referred to as Chinese anise. Star Anise has an aroma and flavour slightly stronger than regular anise, though strictly speaking the two are not related. With a strong, sweet liquorice flavour and deep warm spice notes, the lingering flavour leaves the palate fresh and is often used as a breath freshener.

It can be used whole or ground, and only a very small quantity is required. In fact, a single star anise can be used to flavour an entire soup. As well as featuring in Garam Masala, Star Anise is the dominant spice in Chinese Five Spice, it is an essential addition to many Chinese savoury dishes such as pork, duck and Chinese stock.

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