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The real deal! Once you try sweet vanilla straight from the pod, you?l never look back! Vanilla Beans or pods are actually the fruit of an orchid that contains many minute sticky velvety seeds. The flavour and aroma doesn? develop until the pods are dried into shrivelled, black, oily and sticky beans. One of the most expensive spices due to the time consuming production process, vanilla beans have a sweet and delicate floral aroma and a rich, smooth, caramel-like flavour. The beans can be used whole and reused a number of times before losing their flavour.

Simply remove the bean from the cooking liquid and rinse before allowing to dry for another use. Slicing the bean lengthways before adding allows for greater flavour transfer. Chopping a small section off the bean and scraping the seeds out is a common way to flavour vanilla ice cream, but it can also be usedin sweets and baked goods such as pannacotta. Create extraordinary flavour by adding to syrup when poaching fruits. You can simply add a vanilla pod in your sugar jar for a beautiful vanilla flavour and to keep your sugar aromatically fresh.

This infused sugar is perfect in sauces, desserts, coffee and tea for a beautiful vanilla aroma.

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