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All in good thyme! Thyme has its origin from the Greek word, thymon, which means ?ourage?and was a symbol of elegance and grace. Thyme is equally delicious fresh or dried. It has an herbaceous and slightly floral aroma and powerfulpine, mint and lemon flavour with a lingering mouth-freshening sharpness. The dried leaves are a green-brown colour and make a great addition to soups, stews, stuffing and sausages. It also adds a meaty note to mushroom and lentil burgers.

Thyme can be added early on in cooking as it takes time to release its flavour. If a recipe asks for fresh thyme, substitute with approximately one third of the amount of dried thyme. Dried thyme blends well with other herbs and imparts the characteristic herb flavour to the incredibly popular Middle Eastern blend of thyme, roasted wheat, sesame seeds and spices known as zaatar.

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