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Allspice for all things! This aromatic spice provides a cumulative taste of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon all at once, in a pleasantly mysterious blend, and lends with a slight peppery note along with robust, warming flavour. Often used for pickling, it is also a great addition to curry blends, chutneys and the perfect little something sprinkled on pumpkin soup! Try it to enhance any tomato based dish, with spinach and ricotta, and roasted mushrooms are enhanced to perfection with a little dash of Allspice.

Try adding a little Allspice to dishes using root vegetables, or rice pilafs. Allspice with black pepper makes a tasty seasoning for beef and chicken, and it also works with all manner of herbs ?experiment for your favorite combination! When ground, pimento forms an oily textured powder, handy if you don? want to grind it yourself or have to remove the berries from your finished dish.

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