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A well-travelled rhizome! Ginger root has a long history in many cultures and dates back over 3000 years. The knobbly rhizome (root) of the tropical ginger plant provides a sweet, tangy aroma and a flavour with considerable heat. It is used in both sweet and savoury cooking and is a staple in many Asian cuisines.

Our Ginger Ground can be used to replace fresh ginger in any recipe. You can also use it to make a delicious tea: ginger is well known for its ability to combat nausea, and the tea is known to aid digestion. Dried ginger in powder form is more commonly used for sweets such as gingerbread men (created originally for Queen Elizabeth I!) rather than for savoury dishes. If a recipe asks for 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger, 1/6 of a teaspoon of ground ginger can be substituted.

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