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Cinnamon was once so highly prized that wars were fought over it! It was also used as currency and is said to have aphrodisiac powers. Cinnamon is the bark from a tropical tree that is particularly popular for is warm, sweet and spicy flavour and robust aroma. Cinnamon sticks, also known as quills, are formed by sheets of paper-thin cinnamon bark coiled around each other with smaller slivers inserted into any gaps to form an almost solid cylinder. Cinnamon sticks are difficult to grind so it is useful to have both sticks and powder handy, as sticks are better when you want the cinnamon flavour to infuse into the cooking liquid, and powder is more useful when mixing with other spices to form spice blends.

Cinnamon Quills are a must have in Mulled wine, in the slow cooker with lamb or chicken or in a custard or fruit based dessert sauce.

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