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Dried Basil has a very fresh herbaceous, warm, sweet aroma with notes of clove, anise, tarragon, mint, and camphor that is reminiscent of warm summer days. A truly versatile herb, Basil provides the perfect accompaniment to any tomato-based dish or Italian recipe. Of course its most famous use is in pesto; fresh basil is combined with olive oil, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts, you can add a little dried basil for some extra flavour depth.

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Try adding basil to roasted eggplant, saut?d zucchini, glazed carrots, grilled potatoes, or any preparation of chicken or seafood. Try sprinkling it over a homemade pizza, mixing through stuffing for a roast chicken, or garnishing a flavoursome spaghetti bolognese. The fresh, sweet aroma and hints of clove and mint make basil perfectly suited to sweet applications as well. Infusing fresh basil into cream for ice cream or ganache will have everyone intrigued with the amazing flavour. Basil also has a nice affinity for raspberries, peaches, citrus fruits, and combines well with lemon and vanilla.

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