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Aromatic Anise Seeds were a revered digestive tonic of the Greeks and Romans and are native to the Eastern Mediterranean region. Aniseed (or anise) is best known for its distinctive liquorice flavour. In addition to flavouring the popular candy treat of liquorice, aniseed is also used in baked goods, such as rye bread or aniseed biscuits, traditional Italian biscotti and pastries. Available as Whole aniseed, Ground aniseed.

Not to be confused with star anise, which has a similar but much stronger flavour.

It can also be used in desserts, fruit salads, pickles and sweet soups, and is a wonderful additional to curries and seafood dishes. It is famous for its use in liqueurs which may be disguised as cough medicine, as aniseed is well knownfor easing irritable coughs or bronchial problems.

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